Happy Tails

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super nova

Abbegayle and Matthew are the proud parents of Super Nova, formerly known as Chatty Kathy. She has lots of energy and loves to play at home. Her new parents are very patient with her as she doesn’t like to be held, pet or cuddle as much as some kitties. She is still meowing SO MUCH and is starting to fill out and grow into her very long body!


Luna, formerly Shannon, has very much gotten used to life with her new, loving family!

In March 2019, a homeless man found Luna pregnant and brought her into his disabled RV where she soon gave birth to five beautiful babies. Luna was a wonderful mother and all of her kittens were successfully adopted. Then, it was finally Luna’s turn. As soon as her mewother and pawther laid eyes on her, they knew they had to adopt this sweet girl. Luna is now living the good life with her amazing owners!

fluffy…aka princess

Happy New Year and Happy Tail!!! When Miss Fluffy came in she was skinny, sick and grouchy but we managed to get her up and running with top of the line care for a few months. Her new owner JERRY calls her The Princess, a very HAPPY TAIL to start the 2019 year!!

brooklyn & margot

A happy tail…of two little princesses! This little girl is named Brooklyn…and she is so in LOVE with her BFF Margot (a beautiful baby chocolate point). A match made in heaven!


Brie, formerly Tigger, is flourishing in his new furrever home.

He arrived at PSFR in October 2017 after his owner fell ill and needed to be hospitalized. At the time, Brie and his dad were homeless and his dad did not want to leave him on the street.

Pat couldn’t say no to helping this gorgeous Red Point Siamese and immediately took him in. He was a bit stressed at first, but quickly opened up to the PSFR family, learning to let love in again. Finally, one of the PSFR volunteers, Kathy Cady, found this very deserving boy a new home.

Brie is living his best life and even has his own Instagram account! Follow along @_briethecat_.



Moonbeam, formerly Melanie, is the purrfect addition to her new family!

She first arrived at PSFR in the fall of 2017 after a volunteer found her tossed from a car on the Westside. Moonbeam gave birth to three beautiful babies a few days later, who have all been adopted.

Now, Moonbeam has a canine sibling who she adores, a house full of cat climbers, plenty of toys to play fetch with, and a life full of love.


Sweet Holly is definitely the queen in her furrever home! One of our volunteers rescued her back in 2016 when she was roughly two months old. Now, she’s getting lots of love, snuggles, and attention from her mommy and daddy who admire Holly’s willingness to pose like a model every chance she gets.

Thank you Barbara and John for taking Holly into your home!



Angel, formerly Morgan, is getting lots of love and snuggles from her new mom, Shannon. They’re a match made in heaven!

Angel first arrived at PSFR in summer 2017 with her siblings Margot and Marlon and her beautiful momma, Melanie.



Our handsome boy, Audie, found a loving furrever home alongside three siblings: two cats and one dog!

Audie first arrived at PSFR in the spring of 2017. He was one of four babies found in Sherman Oaks.



Belinda’s story is perhaps our happiest tail of 2017!

She was born June 10th, 2016 and left at a local shelter with her sister and sweet mother. Belinda and her sister were sick and due to be euthanized. On top of that, the shelter had vaccinated and microchipped them despite being barely two months old. However, PSFR came to the rescue and brought all three cats to safety. Their mother was quickly adopted and the crew at PSFR began nursing Bonnie and Belinda back to health.

Bonnie was eventually adopted but Belinda was still sick. The team at PSFR was bewildered, as all of Belinda’s tests came back negative. Then, the vet found an abscess on Belinda’s head, which was promptly removed. Nevertheless, Belinda was still suffering from a bad runny nose and eyes that would not stop dripping.

Pat got Belinda an ultrasound and it was determined that she needed surgery. It was a slow road to recovery, but Belinda never gave up. She fought hard and finally found an owner who was more than happy to take this sweet and incredibly loving girl into his home.

Her owner, Sean, tells us Belinda sleeps on his chest every night with her head under his shin. She’s able to recognize his footsteps coming down the hall to his apartment when he gets home from work. AND, he’s even caught her using the human toilet (he didn’t train her to do this!).

The team at PSFR couldn’t be happier for Belinda. She purred her way into all of our hearts and was hands down the sweetest cat we’ve ever rescued.



Thanks to our volunteer, Christine, handsome Macio is in his furrever home!

Macio was four when he arrived at PSFR in the fall of 2017. He tragically lost his family and very much missed having a home. Luckily, one of Christine’s friends saw Macio and had to have him! Now, he’s living the good live with his Labradoodle brother.


Watson, formerly Miles, hit the jackpot with his new home!

This gorgeous Maine Coon mix arrived at PSFR when he was just a baby. He was so young, he had to be bottle fed! He loved playing with the other kittens at the rescue and was known as the monkey of the bunch.

Now, Watson’s mom and dad are showering him with love and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Rachel and Ryan, for adopting our sweet angel!

Niko & Nadia

Niko and Nadia came to PSFR in April 2017 with their siblings Erin, Ernie, Jessie, and James. They were all born in Canoga Park on March 11th.

These Russian Blue siblings couldn’t have found themselves a better home. They are beyond loved and adored by everyone in their new family! We’re told they’re the “sweetest cats ever” (but we already knew that 😉 ) and we couldn’t be more grateful that Claire and crew opened their hearts and home to our babies!


Mauve, formerly Gabby, is happy as can be in her new own! She and her brother, Grayson, first arrived at PSFR in spring 2017.


Hank & Hazel

Hank and Hazel, formerly Ernie and Erin, first arrived at PSFR in April 2017 when they were just six weeks old. They were part of a litter of six (their siblings were Niko, Nadia, Jessie, and James) that was born in Canoga Park.

This brother and sister couldn’t be happier to be in their new home with their extremely loving owners – and each other! They LOVE to cuddle, as you can see below, and play. Thank you Aaron and Laura for adopting our sweet babies and giving them an incredible home!


Tony (left), formerly Wylie, is all settled in his new home with his adopted sister!

Tony arrived at PSFR in March 2017 with his sister, Willow (who, as of 5/18/17, is still available!). Despite being super shy when he first got to us, Tony has opened up tremendously to his new family!

We’re thrilled he found a furrever home where he feels safe and comfortable. Best of luck to Tony and his new owner, Alla!


It took nearly six months but our sweet girl, Cassie, is finally in her furrever home!

This beautiful Maine Coon arrived at PSFR in October of 2016 and just in the knick of time! She had been in one of the city shelters since June and was set to be put to sleep just days before we took her in.

We imagine Cassie went through some tough times in the first three or so years of her life. She was extremely cautious and it took her a while to open up to Pat and our volunteers. But then, a wonderful woman named Karen came to the rescue.

Now, Cassie is living the good life in the loving arms of her new momma. She’s made herself right at home, cuddling up next to Karen in the bed and enjoying all the love and attention she gets. Thank you, Karen, for bringing our special girl into your heart and home!

Gin & Tonic

Gin and Tonic, formerly Gadget and Gizmo, have taken a life of leisure in their furrever home! These handsome Maine Coon brothers arrived at PSFR in the fall of 2012. They were found running along the Orange Line in Valley Glen looking for their mommy.

Thank you to Debra and her family for scooping up these sweet boys!



Our little TV star, Monty, is doing wonderfully with his new family! He made himself right at home from the beginning and is a VERY happy boy.

Monty was found wandering in a field of dead grass in Monterey Park. He barely weighed a pound! Granny Pat came to the rescue and took him into her care. Shortly after that, Monty was invited to participate in an episode of FOX’s Scream Queens and boy, did he give a stellar performance!

Thank you to Jo Ann and her husband for bringing Monty into their home and loving him dearly!

Nora & Madelyn

Nora and Madelyn, formerly Mara & Maureen, quickly made themselves at home with their new owners! These beautiful torbie babies arrived at PSFR around Christmas of 2016 and took no time to find their furrever home.

Thank you to Karen and her husband for bringing these previous sisters into their home! We are thrilled that they found you.





Murray came to PSFR as a stray right around Thanksgiving of 2016. He was a little shy at first, but quickly turned into quite the purr baby!

A wonderful woman, Valerie, fell in love with Murray and decided she wanted to adopt him. He was a bit scared when he first got to his new home, however, he slowly made his first cautious steps out from under the bed and straight into Valerie’s lap! He even let her give him a pedicure!

We couldn’t be happier for Murray and Valerie and are beyond grateful our sweet boy found his furrever home!




Austin and Melanie are a match made in heaven!

Austin first arrived at PSFR in June of 2016 with his brother, a Russian Blue named Asher, who was adopted in October. Austin is a gorgeous silver tabby with a heart of gold. He loved all of his feline roommates and took care of the kittens as if they were his own. So, it’s no surprise that Austin and Melanie bonded right away!

Melanie arrived at PSFR right around the holidays of 2016 and it took no time for Austin’s new mom to scoop her right up!

Thank you, Nancy, for bringing our angels into your heart and home! We are thrilled they have you as their owner.








Remus & Romulus

Remus and Romulus, formerly Flynn and Cooper, first arrived at PSFR in the fall of 2016 with their sister. And it took no time for these adorable brothers to steal the hearts of two brothers who were looking for a pair of kittens.

Now, Remus and Romulus are living the good life with William and Wesam, who went out of their way to build their boys a fun and creative scratching post within their home. Thank you to these amazing brothers for adopting our beautiful boys and giving them an incredible home!


Jake & Lucy

Jake and Lucy, formerly Gatsby and Greta, are thoroughly enjoying all the love they’re receiving in their spacious new home! They first arrived at PSFR in the winter of 2016 and were adopted in no time.

Thank you, Leigh, for taking in these beautiful babies and giving them a home for the holidays!

Jake, formerly Gatsby (left) & Lucky, formerly Greta

Jake, formerly Gatsby (left) & Lucky, formerly Greta



Asher first arrived at PSFR in June of 2016 with his brother, a silver tabby named Austin. Now, Asher is all settled in his new home with his new feline companion – though we hear he’s quite the little trouble maker!

Thank you, Yerin, for adopting our beautiful boy and giving him a loving, playful home!


Asher (left) hanging out with his new sibling!


Louis & Frankie

How beautiful are these boys?! Louis and Frankie – formerly Joey and Jeremy – are LOVING their new home and owner, Jessica.

Thank you, Jessica, for opening your heart and home to these stunning boys!

Joey (left) & Jeremy (right)

Joey (left) & Jeremy (right)

Kodi & Simon

We are beyond thrilled that Kodi – formerly Dorian – and Simon have found their furrever home!

You may remember Kodi (Dorian) – He was our spunky little Russian Blue who arrived at PSFR in the spring of 2016. It was love at first sight for his new owners, Hoss and Janene! They had previously had two cats – a Russian Blue and a Snowshoe Siamese – and wanted to get similar kittens in their honor.

Hoss and Janene took Kodi (Dorian) home, but asked Pat to keep them posted if she took in a Snowshoe. And, what do you know – a few weeks later, Pat took in a litter of kittens, one of which was Simon – a male Showshoe. Hoss and Janene scooped him right up and now, Simon and Kodi (Dorian) are living the good life!

A huge thanks to Hoss and Janene for all the love they give these boys. We’re so happy they found you!



Fluffy, formerly Ali, is ecstatic to finally have a furrever home!

He first arrived at Purrfect Solutions in May 2016 after he and his siblings were pulled from under a building. Fluffy is a beautiful Bombay mix who was a tad shy at first. However, his new owner says Fluffy is adjusting well to his new surroundings. He loves to snuggle at bed time, look out the windows, and dart up and down the hallways!

Thank you for bringing Fluffy into your hearts and home!


As you can see, Scout, formerly Sonia, quickly became the boss of her new home! Her canine friends are at her beck and call and her human family absolutely adores this little princess.

Scout came to Purrfect Solutions in July 2016 and boy, did she give everyone a run for their money! This gorgeous Russian Blue girl was the runt of her litter and loved to romp around with her siblings, Shylo and Sophia.

We’re thrilled Scout found her furrever home and want to thank her family for adopting our sweet girl!



Toby & Tyler

Toby and Tyler came to Purrfect Solutions Feline Rescue as kittens in the fall of 2015 and immediately stole everyone’s hearts! At first, Pat and the volunteers didn’t think Toby would make it, as he was quite ill when PSFR rescued him and his brother. But Pat never gave up. She nursed him back to health and soon enough, Toby made a full recovery.

Within just a few weeks, Toby and Tyler were adopted to a wonderful home together. Unfortunately, their owner fell upon hard times and thought it was best to try and rehome the brothers. It didn’t take long before someone scooped these love bugs right up!

Now, Toby and Tyler live with Anne, Howard, and their son, Guy, and boy, are they living the good life! The family tells PSFR, every time Howard, a writer, gets up from his desk chair, Tyler hops right into it and takes a little cat nap. Then, when Howard wants to sit back down, Tyler crawls right into his lap.

Our hearts are full of love and happiness for both Toby and Tyler and we are so grateful that Anne, Howard, and Guy let these brothers into their hearts and home!





Rainbow came out of the high kill Downey shelter as Sophie. She was pulled on her last day from “Death Row.” She was renamed Rainbow at Purrfect Solutions and is now known as Star in her new forever home! She was adopted by Andrea Cagan, New York Times Best Selling Author…who just wrote Memoirs of a Ghost: One Sheet Away. This is what we live for…a beautiful story with a happy (tail) ending!



A Pair of stars

Walter Danny Lanning and his new forever dad, Darren Lanning…how cute are they!?



Allyson, now Nui, is happy at home with her new owner Mike!


cleo & RACHEL

This was the little kitten (originally Arial) from Allyson’s litter…happy in her forever home!



Lenny & Lewis

Stephanie and daughter…loving on their little boys.

IMG_2868 IMG_2864


Here is a photo of Coco, enjoying time with her forever family!


Penelope & Max

Max and Penelope are getting along better and better every day! She even lets Max give her kisses. What a sweet fur family!




Nadia is doing great in her new forever home with Erin!



Together in their new home!




HAPPY NEW YEAR HAPPY TAIL NEWS!!!! This boy was rescued from the Downey shelter…with the unfortunate name of Meow Meow. Purrfect Solutions took him in, neutered him, and renamed him Valentino. He is now so happy in his forever home with Phil and Sarah…and they have given him the name Finnegan! HOORAY!!! He looks so happy with his humans!!!



This is the beautiful kitty that was dropped on our doorstep, pregnant, at the end of August in broad daylight in a box that contained a note. We helped her and though she would bite now and then and did not like other kitties, she became the Sweetheart of a major production company. Thank you Mark Rappaport for loving her and giving her a forever home.

cat at the shopIMG_5697IMG_5694


Bella and Buddha – Grossi Family

Bella, formerly known as Marina, was adopted 12/26/2009 (left)
Buddha, formerly known as Mica, was adopted 09/24/2010 (right)


“The best kitties anyone could ask for. Bella is like a little mommy to our daughter, and Buddha plays with our daughter like he’s one of the kids!”

Bianca with Myling

Myling is a happy, energetic kitty that has become a loving lap cat over the years. She loves playing fetch, going for walks, and enjoys getting belly rubs from her mom, Bianca!


Lindy with Lucas and Eddie

Formally Douglas and Dryfus, adopted October 2013.


Niki – October 2013

Niki now Mischa, with her new mom Christine!

They now have a family of four kitties.


Pepper & Poppy

New family update: They LOVE their toys, they are eating like champs and using their litterbox like good kitties. They love each other and are the best of friends. They are enjoying their forever home with Melisa.


Penny – One Year Later

Special thanks to Jennifer and Robert…not only for giving Penny a forever home, but also for sending us such a wonderful update. Penny wasn’t always a “love me, hold me, pet me” kitty…but with love and patience…she has come so far! Nearly a year later, she is becoming a lap kitty!


Donnie & Walker update!

These beautiful boys were adopted 5 years ago by Lindsey.


A Happy New Year 2013

Update from Tim and Rosie with Delaney, Dartanyan and Daphne


Bailey, formerly Bently
Adopted and loved by Millie

He’s loving life!


August & Nathan (formerly Gower & Clint)

These two very special boys were adopted by Claire and Josh. To celebrate the one month anniversary of the formation of their new family, Claire made a photo slideshow. Thank you for sharing your two darlings with us!


Update from Celeste…

“Adam and I adopted Mosby (the kitten formerly known as Buckley) in June 2011, as a companion for our rambunctious older cat, Ivy. A year and a half later, they are still the best of friends!”


Liberty Belle and Juno

Formally Laura and Leah…


Miko & Maven

Formerly Raggedy Ann & Andy, adopted in 2003 by Laura Monaco.


Ronnie Cruz and Kiley at Halloween


Katie – Now Athena

Adopted in September 2012 by a lovely family in Glendale.


Professor Norms and Neko

Adopted together by Barbara


Buzz aka Peter – adopted by Lynne H.


Bella – adopted by Catherine


Lu and Pablo – Diane’s angels

Sweet Lu, (orange & white kitty), was adopted from Purrfect Solutions back in July, 2008, to join the older kitty, Pablo.


Baxter, now Simon!

Simon used to be a bit shy, but he has blossomed in his new home with Irina and Family. He loves getting attention and cuddling.



Pixil (right) in his new home hanging out with his new buddy Isis. Not pictured is Wilkins, another rescue kitty adopted from Purrfect Solutions. All three are getting along great in their new pad in Sherman Oaks. Lovingly adopted by volunteer Meredith and Brandon!



Here is our Shayna, formerly Sacha, is out of her cast and in her new home with mommy Barbara in Encino! We are so happy one of our sweetest kitties ever was adopted by an equally sweet cat mom! ♥